Android: Build a Youtube Listing App Using Kotlin & Parse

Build a Youtube video listing mobile application empowered by a Reliable cloud back-end from scratch & step by step


Lecture: 27
Time Required: 3.5 hour
Downloadable Resources: 0
Access: Life Time
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion


Be familiar with basic algorithmic concepts like conditional statements and loops
Familiar with the basic use of Android Studio
Be able to install Android Studio
Be able to run a minimal Android App (Hello World) in the emulator or real Android device

What you will learn

Android Mobile App Development using Kotlin
Host mobile application data in an online cloud-based back-end (Parse Server)
Create & manage the Parse dashboard back-end database

Targeted Audience

Beginner Android Developer
Intermediate or advanced Android developer wishing to discover how to empower their app using Parse Server back-end

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