Why Do We Producers Use Audio Compression

Learn to Control Your Song’s Dynamics with Audio Compression, and Shape and Mold a Song with the Attack + Release Knobs.


Lecture: 21
Time Required: 2.5 hour
Downloadable Resources: 0
Access: Life Time
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion


A Basic Understanding of Your DAW
Your Stock Compressor Plugins Are Fine to Learn with in this Course (third-party compressors sometimes offer easier visuals/features.)

What you will learn

Control Your Song’s Dynamics
Understand How to Shape and Mold a Sound with Compression
Balance a Song’s Volume for a Polished Sound
Dial in the Right Settings and Know What You’re Listening For
Learn All the Knobs on a Compressor
Properly Set Up a Compressor
When a Sound Needs Compression and How Much Compression to Apply

Targeted Audience

Producers wanting to learn how to use audio compression powerfully
Sound Designers who want to shape and mold a sound with audio compression
Beat makers who want to control their song’s audio dynamics with attack and release knobs.

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