Web Scraping using NODE JS with Projects from scratch

Become a Professional Web Scrapper | Learn how to scrape websites and obtain useful data by using Selenium and NodeJS.


Lecture: 26
Time Required: 3 hour
Downloadable Resources: 1
Access: Life Time
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion


Basics of HTML
Basic Programming Concepts Such as Variable, If Condition, Loop Structure.
Basics of JavaScript
Node JS version: 10.13.0 (we will install it inside course)
Chrome Driver version: 2.43 (we will install it inside course)

What you will learn

Understands the basics of NODE JS
Understand the installation and un-installation of node modules
Understand the fundamentals of Web Scrapping
Understand the automation tool Selenium with scrapping
Understand how to locate various elements
Understand how to locate elements with XPATH
Understand the basics of Selenium methods that are necessary for scrapping
Understand different types of Exception in selenium and how to handle them
Store the scrapped data in excel file CSV
Complete Project that will Scrape Google translate website
Complete Project that will Scrape Travel Insurance website

Targeted Audience

Data Scientists who want to create their own real world Data Set
Anyone who wants to be a professional Web scrapper
Anyone who wants to scrape data from any website
Anyone who wants to understand the basics of node
Anyone who wants to understand how to write XPATH
Anyone who wants to interact with HTML DOM

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